How do I obtain a marriage license?

Key West – Monroe County Link

You can apply in person at any county court house in Florida.  Your license will be valid for 60 days.  You’ll need your photo IDs & approximately $94.   Florida residents have to wait 3 days or complete a pre-marital course and there is no waiting period for non-Florida residents.

Where is the Courthouse in Key West?

500 Whitehead Street
(corner of Whitehead & Southard, Lester Bldg., across the street from The Green Parrot)
Key West, FL  33040

When is the Courthouse open?

It is open during the week, Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.   It is closed on all national holidays (including Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, etc.)  For Christmas and New Year’s, it may be closed a few days prior to the holiday and/or after the holiday.

What time is sunset on my wedding date?


What events will be going on during my wedding in Key West?

It's always good to know what will be happening, especially downtown.



What are the best beaches to get married at in Key West?


Smathers Beach, Key West’s longest public beach – 1 mile long-  on South Roosevelt Blvd, which is near the airport if you have been to Key West before. The sun sets over the ocean from about November to mid-February.  All year around, it is possible to capture beautiful sunset colors after the sun sets. 

Fort Zach:

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, which is off of Southard Street, closer to downtown than Smather.  It is also another popular location for weddings.  It on the west side of the island so year round, the sun sets over the ocean. 

What are the site fees to get married at Smathers and at Fort Zachary Taylor?

Smathers: no site fees

Fort Zachary Taylor: to reserve a spot, which is recommended if you have a big group – approx. $500 plus park entrance fees & approx.$75 for an unreserved spot but double check with Ft Zach for the latest prices.

Do these two beaches have palm trees?

Smathers does, Fort Zach has pine trees and some palm trees.



What if it rains?  When is the rainy season?

There is no cover at the beach for a large group to go under if it starts raining.  Stairwell #12 where we do most of our weddings at Smathers has a little tiki hut. However, Key West is a small island (2 miles by 4 miles) and the clouds don’t stay over our tiny land mass for long.  Most showers last about 15 minutes.  If it rains right when we get to the location, we’ll wait for it to stop in our cars.  It's a little more complicated if you have a big group and everyone is arriving by taxi.  Another option is to move the ceremony to earlier that day or the next day. 

Rainy season: May - October

Dry season:   December - April

Hurricane Season: June - November (August, September, and October are the peak months)


What if there’s a hurricane?

We will reschedule if there’s a hurricane or if you want to cancel your trip all together, we will refund your payment minus the tangible items such as bouquet, administrative & credit card fees.



What other locations do you perform the ceremony in Key West besides the beach?

We can go to any location in Key West: hotel, historic home, beach, etc. 

Other popular locations for weddings in Key West are:


West Martello/ Key West Garden Club


Audubon House


Butterfly Museum